About Us

Our Beginnings...

ComputerCPR LLC., originally started as Two Minds Consultants in 2001, a hi tech company located on Amelia Island, FL. Here, our vision was realized, to support our client's technology needs by implementing complex solutions and providing honest, easy-to-understand advice and experience. As the retail market has steadily become more aggressive with hundreds of new products and thousands of name brands, ComputerCPR continues to stand with the primary focus being our client..creating better opportunities and proven results for their projects.

In 2008, while the industry was consolidating and cutting costs in training to improve revenue, ComputerCPR communicated with its partners and began expanding throughout Northeast Florida. We identify with our consumers, and we understand when its time to make a purchase-that expertise in the retail market can be hard to find. We coordinate with our clients, focusing on the bottom line and cost, but also on efficiency, features and ease of use in practical situations.

For over a decade, ComputerCPR has embraced advancements in electronic devices and their applications. This was due to strategic planning, centralizing our efforts with partners in neighboring industries, ultimately developing and implementing the theory of "Lifestyle Management". This dynamic approach has contributed greatly to our growth and gives us a huge advantage when researching the latest technologies and products.

We know our success (apart from our experience, knowledge and expertise), is due to our customers and their relentless pursuit of personal goals, dreams, and ambitions. Let us make it easy on you by helping you unlock the power of your electronic device, conform it to your unique requirements and ensure you get the most value from your technology.

We're here to help. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We are always happy to talk about how we can best serve you.