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What our professionals do...


Obtaining the correct diagnosis is the key aspect of technology repair - it provides a description of the devices problem and prepares an explanation for the owner. The diagnostic procedure can be a complex activity that involves experience and practical reasoning, while gathering information to help determine the mechanical or software issue. 

Our highly skilled IT Professionals are experienced in providing advice and retail solutions for most common consumer electronics. Regardless of the make, model or manufacturer, Computer CPR and Designs will listen to your concerns and help determine what solution is best for you  

               What you may be experiencing...


  • Computer not powering up/on completely 
  • Computer experiencing slow performance or freezing 
  • Slow online connectivity- randomly dropped internet 
  • Printer/ All-in-One device not responding 
  • Tv not showing images and/or not producing sound 
  • Tv settings are incorrect. Screen showing distorted viewing 
  • Remote isnt programmed or not responding to user input 
  • Newly purchased devices not performing to expectation 
                Our action plan...


  • The device may be in hibernate or standby
  • Consider disc cleanup, defragmentation and check for updates
  • Temporary internet files may need to be deleted. System Disc Cleanup recommended
  • Power unit on. Check device connections
  • Check device input selection. Check additional input devices
  • Find device menu options. Adjust input device settings
  • Identify that batteries are installed. Place remote within range
  • Verify included manual's setup instrutions. Call manufacturer support